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Award Winning Dentist in LittletonYou deserve quality dental care where the focus is on your comfort.

Attentive care has been the hallmark of Southbridge Dentistry in Littleton, Colorado since 1982.

Our low-stress environment and soft-touch dentistry makes your visits comfortable and easy. We offer the latest dental technologies and procedures to ensure that you receive the most effective care possible. Additionally, you’ll find easy access to specialty oral care in the same building, including an endodontist, oral surgeon and orthodontist.

We Know How Important Your Smile Is

Good dental health takes work and we can ensure your smile looks it’s best!

Stop by our office and meet Stephen D. Barker, DDS, Brian J. Svoboda, DDS, Alison Hoover, DDS, Shane Bowen, DDS & Autumn Gray, DDS. Drawing on over a half-century of experience, the gentle and compassionate team of doctors at Southbridge Dentistry provide their family of patients with the state of the art expertise and old fashioned personal care. Call For An Appointment.

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At Southbridge Dentistry, our professionally trained staff works together to bring you the highest quality dental treatments with a personalized approach. We offer comprehensive dental care that includes: Cosmetic DentistryDental ImplantsSedation DentistryDental Sports InjuriesZoom! Whitening and No Fear Dentistry!

Caring For Colorado’s Finest Professional Athletes

We have experience with sports-related dental injuries for anyone that takes their game seriously!

Caring for athletes and their dental health is a passion of all the doctors at Southbridge Dentistry. Dr. Barker, Dr. Svoboda and Dr. Hoover are extremely fortunate to be associated with these outstanding organizations and can be found cheering the teams on at most games. Read more about our team spirit!